Get Involved

Adventures are always best when shared with others. There are a few ways you can take part in our trip:

Bulls2011-1We’re open to suggestions. We’ll have upwards of a week in several of the major cities, so give us some ideas of things to do!

Going to be somewhere the same time we are? Let us know! We’d love to meet up and hang out or travel together.

Have friends/family/connections in Europe? We’d love to meet new people while we’re gone, whether it be meeting up for a beer or a day trip. Or if you know of somebody willing to host a clean, respectable young couple for a night or two, that would be awesome too.

Want Steve to photograph something specific? Let him know and he’ll try to make it happen. Prints will be for sale later on.

Contact us about any of the above via email – Steve –   Jenny –


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