The Plan

The Plan

We’re hitting the road – or rather, many roads, some planes, some trains, some ferries, probably some busses, taxis, ships, and a whole lot of sidewalks. On June 12th, we’re heading across the pond for an 11 week tour through the major sites in western Europe (with a stop over in Morocco).

Why are we taking an 11 week trip? Because we’re at a unique point in our lives – between jobs and cities, and before kids. Because we want stories to tell for the next 30 or 40 years, rather than waiting 30 or 40 years to be in a position to do this again.

The Route

This is our projected route. A few things are set in stone – Start and end date, our stay in Pamplona, our cruise out of Venice. A lot of it is flexible. We’ve got train passes and time, so the final picture might look a little different (it has actually changed since we made this map).


This Site

We wanted to have a platform to share some of our pictures and stories with people as we go, so here it is! How often will we update it? As often as we think we can show you something interesting.

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