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On Monday our only plan was to hit the Louvre early. It was supposed to rain anyway, so we figured it would be a good museum day. In typical fashion, we didn’t exactly wake up with the sun to be the first in line. By the time we got there, the rain started coming down, making for a very cold and wet wait in line. Thankfully, we didn’t have to suffer through one of those three hour waits you hear horror stories about. 45 minutes, max, and we were inside.

We waited in line in this. And, yes, an hour after we got into the museum, it turned into a gorgeous day.

We waited in line in this. And, yes, an hour after we got into the museum, it turned into a gorgeous day.

The Louvre is simply too massive to write about in detail. We spent at least six hours there and still skipped a couple entire sections. ¬†One can’t help be be awed by such a collection of art and history from all over the world. Of course the first thing people go to see when they get in is this.


Ok, so that’s the mass of people all squeezing into a room to try to get within eight feet of this.



The most famous painting in the world is this relatively small painting of a lady that you probably wouldn’t look twice at if there weren’t such a history around it. Sure, you have to see it while you’re there, but the experience will be more about fighting the crowds than really being able to appreciate the work in person. Sadly, 75% of the people that shot in to see the Mona Lisa probably skipped right over the other four Da Vinci paintings right down the hall.

Da Vinci's Virgin of the Rocks

Da Vinci’s Virgin of the Rocks

Another highlight is the Venus de Milo. As with the Mona Lisa, mystery is part of the allure with this sculpture. They found the sculpture with its arms already missing and don’t know exactly what they were doing.


There are some extensive Egyptian exhibits at the Louvre.


2400 year old writing on papyrus


Incredibly intricate hieroglyph text carved into stone.

Other bits and pieces –

One of many sculpture galleries.

One of many sculpture galleries.

Woman painting a painting.

Woman painting a painting.

Jenny admiring some work. ...or just resting her feet.

Jenny admiring some work. …or just resting her feet.



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  1. I completely agree with how you feel about the Mona Lisa. It has been a decade since I’ve seen her and what I remember most about the experience was not how amazing the painting was (quite the opposite, given its size), but how rude people were while trying to push a 13-year-old girl aside for a better picture. At least there were no ipads back then.

    You guys are so lucky!!!

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